Mandee's World!

Meet Mandee Marie Dyer
Birthday September 27, 2014

Mandee and her sister Belle were born in Coal City, Indiana. As far as I know her adopted momma was a big ol' hound dog. Mandee and Belle had a bunch of adorable brothers and sisters. I was a member at the Coal City Conservation Club and some friends introduced me to Belle when she was a couple of weeks old. I fell head over heals.

Mandee and Belle were like fire and water together. The terrorized each other.  After a couple of months we couldn't take the fighting anymore. We hated to do it, but had to split them up. Belle went to stay with her new Momma Ashley, where she still lives, and is the leader of the pack.  
Mandee has been a blessing!

Mandee loves just about everything! Car rides, walks, birds, other dogs, cats, but especially belly rubs, constant belly rubs.